About Us
MVM CEEnergy Slovakia s.r.o. is the affiliate of the MVM CEEnergy Zrt., the leading natural gas trader in Hungary and member of the successful, nationally owned MVM Group.
MVM Group is a predominant player of the Hungarian energy system, assuming an eminent role in implementing the country’s energy strategic targets through its successful and competitive activities. MVM Group’s expanding portfolio covers the entire Hungarian energy sector. Through its supplementary services (e.g. IT, telecommunication, financial and security services) the Group is prepared to provide full-range services for the increasingly complex consumer’s demands in a one-stop way. 
MVM Group is the 4th largest company in Hungary, and the 13th in Central Europe. It is a dynamic, innovative fully state-owned company group continually gaining dominance also on regional level, acting also as the largest domestic energy knowledge center, and through its professional competences offering significant contribution to the security of supply in Hungary and Central-Eastern Europe.
Regional presence
MVM CEEnergy Zrt. is the primary partner of Hungarian universal natural gas service providers in securely supplying natural gas to household costumers. In addition, MVM CEEnergy Zrt. plays a significant role in the end-user market and also attaches particular importance to strengthening its regional position.
Being a reliable supplier of energy and services, our activity is directly related to the long-term experience in the gas segment in Hungary. We are in possession of the required licenses and permits to deliver gas to large scale consumers, distributors and end-users. MVM CEEnergy Slovakia s.r.o. can take advantage of the synergies of MVM Group companies, and in addition can benefit from the expertise and practical experience of the in-house staff.